the mind and heart is never exhausted

Although human beings are descended from the Fall, we were created originally with a dual structure, so that we can resemble the Original Parents and freely convey and enjoy vertical and horizontal love. Our mind, or heart, is our vertical self. To this day people live in distress because they do not have a correct understanding of the mind. Buddhism and Confucianism have struggled to clarify the identity of the mind and heart, however it is impossible to understand the heart without correctly understanding the identity of God.

My teachings clearly explain the identity of the mind and heart. In God’s ideal of creation, a persons mind and heart resides on the vertical true love axis and can position itself by relating with true love on the horizontal plane.

God’s true love connects the front and back, increasing in intensity to establish the spherical and three-dimensional ideal. In this way, the mind and heart is never exhausted no matter what direction it moves. It is always ready to activate its force. Also, that which it dislikes, or which is wrong, has no room to enter.

P. 1111, par. 5 - P. 1112, par. 1

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