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Individual perfection begins with unity of mind and body

Individual perfection begins with unity of mind and body

The path to becoming people of character, to achieving individual maturity, lies in perfecting the harmony and oneness between mind and body. Originally, God created us to live without any inner conflict. The mind is supposed to guide the body and the body act in absolute obedience to the mind. Mind and body were created to function with this perfect harmony. However, as a result of the Fall of the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, all human beings inherited fallen nature. Humankind has lived in suffering because of the unavoidable conflict between mind and body that has its roots in the Fall.

No one in history has ever achieved mind-body unity during his or her life on earth. Despite the steady progress of God’s providence of restoration and His determination to save us, not a single person has been liberated from the struggle between the mind and body and achieved individual maturity. Although countless monks and hermits have followed the arduous path of asceticism, living in caves deep in the mountains and devoting their entire lives to meditation and prayer, not one has ever triumphed in that struggle. No one has known the method to win this unrelenting, internal war. The reason that even enlightened sages have been unable to end the mind-body struggle is simple. Self-discipline by itself is not enough. One needs to connect with the providence of Heaven, receive the call, complete the providence of restoration that God has guided for thousands of years, and gain victory in a position publicly recognized by heaven and earth.

P. 1518, par. 1-2
Mit Selbstdisziplin alleine ist Geist-Körper-Einheit nicht herzustellen. Wir brauchen die Verbindung zur himmlischen Geistigen Welt. Dadurch wird auch klar, dass das Übernehmen von Verantwortung für die Vorsehung übernehmen eine wichtige Rolle spielt, um die geistige Kraft zu generieren.

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