Instead, cultivate a joyful mind

Dear guests, don’t give your conscience any more grief. Don’t disobey its call. Disobeying the voice of your conscience only brings sorrow to your heart. It brings sorrow to your parents, to your teachers, and even to God.

Instead, cultivate a joyful mind. Although you may be lonely, and appear miserable in the eyes of the world, create an unbreakable bond with your mind and try to be your mind’s best friend. Within the harmony and unity of your mind and body, you will discover a world where all of heaven and earth are spread out before your eyes. In the state of mind-body unity, your conscience and body enter a realm of resonance. Referring to this dimension of the mind, the Buddha said, “Throughout heaven and earth, I am my own lord.” Ask yourself if God is dwelling in you, and you will hear the answer. You will reach a state in harmony with nature, able to communicate freely with animals and plants. You will be able to converse freely with the beings of the spirit world. This will thoroughly prepare you for eternal life.

P. 1519, par. 6-7
Hier u.a. deutlich dass das Gewissen, wie es von Rev. Moon verstanden wird, eng mit dem Herzen verbunden ist.
Was herkömmlich unter Gewissen verstanden wird ist vielfach die innere kritischen und oft lieblose Instanz. Das geht meist in die Richtung von Freuds Über-Ich.
Zuletzt wird hier noch deutlich welche Offenheit gegenüber Natur und Geistiger Welt herrscht und dass der Vollkommene Mensch eine wesentlich intensivere Wahrnehmung hat.

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