The mind is not a part of the spirit

People may be confused and think that the mind is the spirit. The mind is not a part of the spirit world. Due to the Fall, the mind does not have a relationship with the spirit world. It may be easier for you to understand if you think of the mind of fallen human beings as a person who has no bones in his body. The mind of a fallen person has a form like a human body that has no bones.

The spirit has a body-like element and a mind-like element. The part that is like the mind of the spirit is immersed in the spirit world. It always maintains a relationship with God. The mind-like element of the spirit does not come into being without a relationship with God. It is important to understand that spirit and mind are two different things. The fallen mind has no relationship with God. He has departed from it. God can neither relate to the fallen mind nor exercise His direct dominion over it. Your mind changes, going one way and then another, but spirit beings are not like this, nor is the spirit world. They have one eternal goal, toward goodness, and move steadily in that direction. Why is this so? It is because spiritually mature beings stand on God’s side. The mind that resides within us as fallen human beings vacillates.

What is the spirit mind? I am sure you know this from the Divine Principle. It is the union of mind and spirit, and it is moving toward a new goal. It is a motivational mind, which makes it possible for us to become our ideal selves by uniting with our conscience, centered on God. Without a spirit mind we would be unable to connect to the spirit world or to true love.

When the spirit mind sprouts up in us, our body is happy to unite with it. Everything automatically begins to unite. The biggest problem for people until now has been the separation of our mind and body. However, when spiritual energy dwells within us and engenders the awakening of our spirit mind, our mind and body naturally unite. Unless this type of revolution occurs, unless we discover the origin that can rectify everything from the root, we have no way to find the ideal. There is no result without a motivating cause. The purpose of religion is to implant a spirit mind within us. There are many religions centered on the spirit mind. These appear in all sorts of different forms.

God is a majestic being, central to both the spirit and earthly worlds, which are meant to become as one. Because true love was never manifested, the spirit world and physical world could not become as one body. This caused the separation between the human mind and body. Also, because true love was never established, there is a separation between religion and politics.

Everything comes together as one when true love is at the center. Everything—the individual, family, society, nation, world and cosmos—is linked. We have to make it so with our own hands. Otherwise we cannot inherit God’s original kingdom in heaven and on earth. How do we bring about harmony between the spirit and earthly worlds? We have to unite them with true love.

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Sehr aufschlussreicher Auszug einer Rede. Hier wird zwischen Gemüt und Geist differenziert. Es klingt als ob das Gefallene Gemüt, von Gott getrennt und auch ohne Geist ist. Vielleicht großteils aus physischen Gemüt besteht und keinen Anteil von Geistigen Gemüt hat, dass immer mit Gott verbunden ist.
Zudem wir ausgedrückt, dass wenn geistige Energie in uns ist, unser Geist erwacht, und sich dann Geist und Körper natürlicherweise vereinen. Wow!

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